Online Courses

Like any compilation page this is an outdated list. With MIT, Yale, Tufts, Notre Dame, the Stanford School of Engineering and others all posting materials online through OpenCourseWare or similar ideas its almost fruitless to attempt to list online courses. Yet there is some value in pointing out resources that are available as well as archiving the ones that interest me. Note that these courses cover all levels of physics from a general high school level up through first year university courses (with the OCW offering mentioned above covering much more).

Specific Courses
Physics for Presidents at Berkeley
Classical Mechanics at MIT
Electricity & Magnetism at MIT
Waves & Oscillations at MIT
Circuits & Electronics at MIT

Textbooks or similar materials for physics
The Dot Physics “textbook” – a good basic summery of physics in a compilation of blog entries
The Physics Classroom – a great review site / online textbook from Glenbrook HS.
Hyperphysics – a linked review site with a mind map theme showing some of the connectedness of physics
Simple Nature and Light and Matter – two online textbooks at the AP/first year college level (one calculus based and one algebra based)
Motion Mountain – another online textbook with a slightly non-traditional approach


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    […] whether in chemistry or in general, and the flourishing of free online resources in the form of OpenCourseWareand textbooks (sorry for the physics centric link – follow links to go to the overall sites) or even whole […]

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