Great Physics Related Videos

This is a compilation of videos that have caught my mind. The reasons are different in all cases. Some of these are widely recognized as being amazing videos while some are more idiosyncratic. All of them are worth a few minutes if you like physics, students, technology, or just watching creative people having fun. Newest ones, to me at least, tend to be at the top.


One Response to “Great Physics Related Videos”

  1. Dan’s Ignite Presentation « The Slow Loris Online Says:

    […] Dan’s Ignite Presentation By Increasing Entropy Once again Dan Meyer has summed up one of a key insights into teaching in a pithy statement “Be less helpful!” I’m not sure what I can really add to it as its really the same inside as the one behind guided inquiry teaching, problem based learning, and even the ideas expressed by AP workshop presenters. His restatement is terrific and is something that I at least, and possible others, need to reconnect with every so often. If I can get an embeddable link I’m going to put it on my permanent videos page. […]

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