Who is the slow loris anyway?

The slow loris (Nycticebus coucang and two other species) is a primate native to Southeastern Asia. While generally slow moving they can react quickly in capturing prey or avoiding danger. While it is possible to draw many comparisons between a slow loris and a physics teacher there is no particular meaning to the name. At a bare minimum I can assure everyone that I am not venomous or nocturnal.

Professionally I’m a physics teacher with an interest in engineering at the high school level, robotics, and student research. I’m certified in GA to teach physics and chemistry with an additional gifted endorsement (2009), Modeling Physics training, and AP physics training.

Otherwise I’m a fairly normal guy for a 40 year old ex-engineer turned science teacher which means I’m fond of reading (science fiction, fantasy, and some mystery), technology and gadgets (although I am too frugal to buy many), games (computer and board), traveling, camping, and anything else that strikes my fancy.


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