LEAF Question

I posted about the LEAF yesterday. I love the idea of an electric car from a traditional manufacturer with reasonably normal looks, a non-sports car mission, and a useful combination of speed and range. While I’m sure that the LEAF can not go 100 miles at 90mph I think its reasonable to make the assumption that it can go fairly close to 100 miles given a blend of 35 – 65 mph speeds like many people would see in a commute. Of course there are chicken and egg problems concerning recharging stations but all new technologies have this.

However as I went to sleep I was wondering about the recharge rate. It seems awfully fast. The batteries hold 24kWhr of energy. 80% of that is roughly 19kWhr. Given half an hour of charging time and a 200V outlet (yes, its probably 220V but the math is easier this way) I’m getting a 190A average flow of charge. That’s doable but its fairly large – this is not your normal dryer circuit.



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