Down with blogs! Up with communities!

I guess the idea has reached the saturation point. I’ve been trying not to write a post about the death of blogging but it seems that the meme is everywhere. Most recently I ran across it on Megan McArdle’s blog when she referenced 11D and an opinion piece in the AJC (seemingly not available online).

As Laura say blogging has changed. The Golden Age of big name blogs is fading due to competition and changing behavior. I’m sure this is bad news if you have the desire to gain money or fame through blogging but isn’t it what we really all expected and perhaps even desired? The A-list blogs just replicated the same sage-on-stage model that the MSM had previously used. Blogging changed the barriers to entry and some of the topics discussed but it didn’t really change the structure of the conversation.

Hopefully we will see the rise of useful communities or peer networks. Of course the tools already exist in all the vast array of social networking services but with the proliferation of tools comes the proliferation of possible networks. Ning lists over 3,000 networks when you search science teaching. How can you realistically find good communities? Can these communities grow while avoiding the groupthink that pervades some portions of the blogosphere? Can networks interpenetrate and spread ideas broadly or are there just too many possible networks so no one can gain any real critical mass?

Lots of random thoughts. Few answers. Off to go look at some Ning networks and see if there is any life in that corner of the webverse.


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