Salesmen for the win

This comes as no surprise. Humans seem, with a slightly heavy emphasis on the seem as I have some questions about the methods used in the study, to prefer a cocky, self confident answer to a nuanced answer that admits uncertainty. Combine that we the human trait of remembering winning predictions and forgetting mistaken ones and it becomes clear why its difficult to have any sort of real debate on polarizing issues. BTW, yes I realize that the “seems” in this paragraph completely killed any credibility that I might have. Such is life.

On the other hand no one in education talks about this. I think there has to be some effect on the individual classroom level. I’ve seen it myself when a student gives a prompt, confident, all-most right answer. Its very easy to fall into affirming their answer and then half a beat later having to qualify because their answer was after all not quite totally correct. Perhaps worse, even just taking a little longer to come up with a correct answer or “talking out” the answer would come across as less confident. Yet processing time and working through to an answer are things that teachers generally want to encourage especially in a more inquiry based classroom.


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