Black Coffee Slides – another thought on the Web 2.0 message

An interesting stack of slides is found here. Part of the interest is making meaning out of these slides without anything other then the slides themselves. I take the first few slides to be pointing out the great change taking place from the bad old days (black coffee, dittos, and filmstrips) to the wonderful present of ubiquitous frufru coffee drinks and Web2.0. I know I just let my opinion show with the frufru coffee shot; I’ll assume for the sake of argument that McDonald’s selling sugary coffee flavored drinks is a good thing. At one point some stats are shown.

online usage of kids

We’ve all seen such slides or videos before; according to the Pew Internet and American Life Project 64% of students are content creators online. Wow! Amazing! However my first reaction whenever I see such a number is to think “where would you have found this same creative energy if you had been able to find this data on the 1990’s, the 80’s, the 1950’s or any other decade?” People haven’t changed that much in 50 years; we are not all so much more creative then our grandparents. If 90% of everything is crap is the social web granting increased access to the 10% or did the 10% tend to make it out anyway?

How much of this content creation is even accessible to us as educators without turning it from play into work? Clearly we need to recognize that students, really everyone, have moved on into a new learning environment. Just as clearly it can be a good thing to make work and play coexist by acknowledging their creative efforts.

assess tech

Do we really need to assess the technology or can we just accept the technology and move on to assessing the learning?


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