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What is the slope of a time versus position graph called?

August 22, 2008

Why am I such a horribly slow loris?  Science education and technology are both interesting subjects (at least to me).  They are also subjects that I continue to read about.  But I find it hard to get excited about writing about them. 

An entry at Easily Distracted got me thinking.  Burke says,

I’m going through one of my periodic bouts of disaffection with reading aggressively political or partisan blogging, but I don’t feel any comfort or shelter in studied moderation, either. I’m having a hard time putting my finger on it, but it just doesn’t seem worth the time or the bother because there isn’t anything I recognize as a conversation going on a lot of the time in many political blogs,

While he’s talking about political blogs I have to say that I’m feeling the same way about education and educational technology blogs.  Things that I desire to sit down and discuss fly past in a brief whirlwind of comments and twitters only to be replaced with another topic in a day or so.  Certainly the comments are generally nicer then those in political blogs but I find them similarly unhelpful in their chorus of general support and encouragement.  So I find myself looking more and more into the archives of blogs and caring less and less about the actual updates.  No matter when I read the newest posting I’m going to be late to the comment thread so I have stopped caring about the comments and just go for the only thing that might have some real thought and time put into it which is the post itself. 

Just a random thought from a seemingly very grumpy loris.