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Who put the slow in the slow loris?

May 23, 2008

With all of my hesitations concerning the share and create aspects of the social web it might seem unsuprising to see that I haven’t been blogging.  However its really that I’ve just been busy living.  Of course everyone else is also busy living yet they are still managing to blog.  I’m sure that the handicap principle is at work here and I’m failing to give off good signals about my dedication, ability to work, and general outlook on life.

The flip side of all this is that the internet will wait.  As long as I remain open to learning I miss nothing.  The new material (and the huge quantities of old material) will be digitally archived and various technologies will keep it accessable and help to make it managable.

In fact I’d go a little further then Jeff and say that many people can actually gain a great deal by staying (mostly) out of the participatory portion of the education social web.  One of the well known characteristics of gifted children is perfectionism that can translate into trouble successfully (from a teacher’s point of view) completing of homeowrk assignments.  This, and other characteristics, of gifted learners argue against the idea of a public learning log unless it the person creating the blog is intrinsically motivated to create it.  Personally I spend way too much time on each post polishing, editing, and otherwise changing to justify it as a professional learning portion of my day at school.  Doing it outside of school it feels exactly like a student being forced to do all the odd numbered problems even though they get it after the first 5.