Project management

Lest I come off as too much of a sloth I’d like to point to a great use of Web 2.0 in the form of both learning from others and in the form of using new technology in terrific ways.  I like PBL but it is a mess to run such a classroom and hold everyone accountable.  Thus I’m thrilled to see a discussion of open source project management tools that might help with it in a school setting.  

Our specific use is in managing student research projects.  All three of the applications listed seem to be overkill at first glance.  Its a trade off between a simple checklist (quick and easy to create and to evaluate) versus the power of these applications.  Can we, the school, justifiy the teacher and student time?  Since the projects are normally signle student projects I think I came down on the side of the check lists.  On the other hand it looks like our school robotics team might have a new organizational tool.


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