Memory Architecture

As mentioned in my other blog, I feel that the main advantage of teacher blogging is to maintain a virtual memory. However, as mentioned earlier, I’ve started this blog as a reaction to the thought that not maintaining such a site is equivelent to educational malpractice. 

The combination is interesting in that I have always thought of memory as an internal affair. In a sense bloggers are creating electronic memory palaces but at the same time we are making them virtual in every sense of the word. By commiting our memories and mental connections to the web are we keeping ourselves from storing the information locally in our brain? If so, does that have a potential impact on our ability to make connections and solve problems at the expert level? Certainly there are many who feel this is a positive thing since the virtual world is becoming more ubiquitous all the time. 

I don’t really have any insights, just questions at this point.



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